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Bunny Crochet



Hello and Welcome to my Passion Project! 

I am trying my best to put all the bits and pieces so I can publish this site and get these kits to cure your lockdown boredom so if I don't get to fleshing this out before publishing I apologize :D 


I started this project because when I was starting out, the thing I found most difficult was gathering all the tools and finding the right hook and yarn matches so hopefully these kits will make the start of your journey much easier. 



Every item on this website has ben tried and tested by me so you can rest assured that the quality if good!

Based in Sydney so can possibly arrange pick up depending on where you are based and the covid situation.


I chose a better quality yarn because they tend to split less which makes it a lot easier for beginners. Hooks were also specially chosen for the thickness of the yarn (the right hook size will make uneven stitches less noticeable!). I also included small embroidery kits because not everyone wants to buy a full roll of yarn just to add in some details. Eyes are also the perfect size for the finished product. 

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